Stream Framework collects metrics regarding feed operations. The default behaviour is to ignore collected metrics rather than sending them anywhere.

You can configure the metric class with the STREAM_METRIC_CLASS setting and send options as a python dict via STREAM_METRICS_OPTIONS

Sending metrics to Statsd

Stream Framework comes with support for StatsD support, both statsd and python-statsd libraries are supported.

If you use statsd you should use this metric class stream_framework.metrics.statsd.StatsdMetrics while if you are a user of python-statsd you should use stream_framework.metrics.python_statsd.StatsdMetrics.

The two libraries do the same job and both are suitable for production use.

By default this two classes send metrics to localhost which is probably not what you want.

In real life you will need something like this

    'host': '',
    'port': 8125,
    'prefix': 'stream'

Custom metric classes

If you need to send metrics to a not supported backend somewhere you only need to create your own subclass of stream_framework.metrics.base.Metrics and configure your application to use it.