Testing Stream FrameworkΒΆ


We strongly suggest against running tests on a machine that is hosting redis or cassandra production data!

In order to test Stream Framework you need to install its test requirements with

python setup.py test

or if you want more control on the test run you can use py.test entry point directly ( assuming you are in stream_framework dir )

py.test stream_framework/tests

The test suite connects to Redis on and to a Cassandra node on using the native protocol.

The easiest way to run a cassandra test cluster is using the awesome ccm package

If you are not running a cassandra node on localhost you can specify a different address with the TEST_CASSANDRA_HOST environment variable

Every commit is built on Travis CI, you can see the current state and the build history here.

If you intend to contribute we suggest you to install pytest’s coverage plugin, this way you can make sure your code changes run during tests.