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from import (BaseTimelineStorage, BaseActivityStorage)
from collections import defaultdict
from contextlib import contextmanager
import six

timeline_store = defaultdict(list)
activity_store = defaultdict(dict)

[docs]def reverse_bisect_left(a, x, lo=0, hi=None): ''' same as python bisect.bisect_left but for lists with reversed order ''' if lo < 0: raise ValueError('lo must be non-negative') if hi is None: hi = len(a) while lo < hi: mid = (lo + hi) // 2 if x > a[mid]: hi = mid else: lo = mid + 1 return lo
[docs]class InMemoryActivityStorage(BaseActivityStorage):
[docs] def get_from_storage(self, activity_ids, *args, **kwargs): return {_id: activity_store.get(_id) for _id in activity_ids}
[docs] def add_to_storage(self, activities, *args, **kwargs): insert_count = 0 for activity_id, activity_data in six.iteritems(activities): if activity_id not in activity_store: insert_count += 1 activity_store[activity_id] = activity_data return insert_count
[docs] def remove_from_storage(self, activity_ids, *args, **kwargs): removed = 0 for activity_id in activity_ids: exists = activity_store.pop(activity_id, None) if exists: removed += 1 return removed
[docs] def flush(self): activity_store.clear()
[docs]class InMemoryTimelineStorage(BaseTimelineStorage):
[docs] def contains(self, key, activity_id): return activity_id in timeline_store[key]
[docs] def get_index_of(self, key, activity_id): return timeline_store[key].index(activity_id)
[docs] def get_slice_from_storage(self, key, start, stop, filter_kwargs=None, ordering_args=None): results = list(timeline_store[key][start:stop]) score_value_pairs = list(zip(results, results)) return score_value_pairs
[docs] def add_to_storage(self, key, activities, *args, **kwargs): timeline = timeline_store[key] initial_count = len(timeline) for activity_id, activity_data in six.iteritems(activities): if self.contains(key, activity_id): continue timeline.insert(reverse_bisect_left( timeline, activity_id), activity_data) return len(timeline) - initial_count
[docs] def remove_from_storage(self, key, activities, *args, **kwargs): timeline = timeline_store[key] initial_count = len(timeline) for activity_id in activities.keys(): if self.contains(key, activity_id): timeline.remove(activity_id) return initial_count - len(timeline)
[docs] def get_batch_interface(cls): @contextmanager def meandmyself(): yield cls return meandmyself
[docs] def count(self, key, *args, **kwargs): return len(timeline_store[key])
[docs] def delete(self, key, *args, **kwargs): timeline_store.pop(key, None)
[docs] def trim(self, key, length): timeline_store[key] = timeline_store[key][:length]